OLLYS x Greenbox Designs x Grwth Club

Sam Hiscocks, CMO at OLLYS, known for their delicious snacks and ‘war on crips' came to us to help him find the right tech partner to level up their e-commerce experience.

We matched them with Greenbox Designs, an agile dev shop out of South Africa that has done tonnes of similar builds. Remote working has accelerated the trend of companies looking across borders for the right tech partner - which is why we are building a global network.

Their strong experience in the consumer startup space and competitive pricing (driven by their offshore location) made them the perfect choice. And as with every project so far, they delivered the goods.

Greenbox did a fantastic job bringing the bold, modern brand to life without over-designing the site and undermining the core ecommerce UX principles.

Check out Olly’s new website here.